The Canadian Research Chair on Analytics and Logistics of Healthcare


As the field of personalized medicine emerges we believe that there will be enormous challenges in the interaction between individual treatment planning and execution in terms of limited and expensive medical resources. In particular, the Chair intends to conduct research in areas where population aging is going to have a big impact, namely: cancer treatment, homecare services and hospital logistics.

Research Axes

Cancer treatment

Homecare services

Hospital logistics


Our team specializes in developing new hybrid optimization algorithms combining techniques from Operations Research (OR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address complex combinatorial optimization problems. In particular, we have developed leading-edge expertise in solving transportation logistics and workforce scheduling problems. For the last two decades the Chair Holder and his team have been conducting research projects on resource optimization problems in healthcare with both public and private sector organizations.

The Chair will focus on developing a new generation of optimization algorithms to solve descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic problems in healthcare. These techniques will allow us to describe and understand complex system processes, predict their behaviour and impact, and prescribe the best course of action in order to meet precise objectives. Here are some examples.

The Chair relies on various public and private partners in hospitals and industrial sectors to play an active role in technological, economic and social development.

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