Stefania Pan

I’m a PhD student at Paris University 13.  My research project focuses on personnel scheduling in a multi-activity work environment. This problem consists of constructing feasible schedules and assigning them to company staff in order to satisfy workload demand.

The method developed is based on column generation, which takes advantage of the special block structure of the problem to decompose it into smaller subproblems, easier to solve. In this approach, we combine mathematical programming and constraint programming techniques.


Pan S, Akplogan M, Touati N, Létocart L, Wolfer Calvo R, Rousseau L-M, (2018),  “A hybrid heuristic for the multi-activity tour scheduling problem”, Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 69: 333-340.  EURO/ALIO International Conference 2018 on Applied Combinatorial Optimization, Bologna, Italy.