Rimele Adrien
Adrien Rimelé

After completing a Bachelor and Master of Engineering at Ecole des
Mines de Nancy, France, and a Master in Applied Sciences at Ecole
Polytechnique de Montreal, I am pursuing my studies there as a Ph.D.
student, under the supervision of Prof. Louis-Martin Rousseau. I am
currently working on optimizing automated warehouses, recently
introduced in e-commerce. Such automated storage and retrieval systems
involve taking dynamic decisions about storage locations and treatment
order of requests. This corresponds to a complex optimization problem
which can be approached with mathematical programming and machine
learning methods.


Rimélé A, Gamache M, Gendreau M, Grangier P, Rousseau L-M, (2021), Robotic Mobile Fulfillment Systems: a mathematical modelling framework for e-commerce applications. International Journal of Production Research, 60(11):3589-3605.